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The Messiah
In Midi Format
by George Frederic Handel

Handel wrote the complete Messiah in the three week period of August 22 - September 14, 1741.  This oratorio tells of Jesus Christ's birth, passion, and triumph over death.  The Messiah was first performed in Dublin on April 13, 1742.

These midi files are copyrighted by Daniel Viens and are available for your use and downloading as long as the comments embedded in the midi files are not modified. The midi sequencing that Daniel Viens used is representative of the actual instruments in use at the time that The Messiah was written, i.e.. harpsichord instead of modern  piano or organ.  So you will be hearing a close approximation of an actual performance from the 18th century.

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Old Testament Prophecies of the Coming Messiah

The Birth of the Messiah

The Messiah's Invitation To The People

Sacrifice of the Messiah

Rejection of the Messiah

Crucifixion of the Messiah

Resurrection of the Messiah

The Ascension of the Messiah

Proclaiming  the Gospel

Discipling of the Nations

The Hope of the Redeemed

The Confidence of the Redeemed

Final Triumph of the Messiah

2006 & Moore's Chapel United Methodist Church

The Messiah in Midi Format - George Frederic Handel - Free Download